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Please, don't download the same file multiple times. Due to bandwidth limitation, our links support only a accertain amount of data traffic before they get suspended for a 24h cooldown. As a sign of respect thowards us and others users, we kindly ask you to make a backup file of the DE patch after you download it. Thank you for your understanding!

DE Patch:

Use the following links to download the Definitive Edition patch.

Language Patch:

Use the following links to download the language patches and translate the game into your language:


Use the following links to download the required libraries:


Faced with a certain problem, or just want to know as much information as possible on the newest changes? Answers to frequently asked questions are published below:

1. Due to the increasing traffic on our site, we have had to add new links to our Google Drive archives to ensure that everyone can access and download the files.
2. If a link is temporarily inaccessible, use the following one available.
3. If you come across advertising on the Mediafire site, then it means that our archive has exceeded the bandwidth limit, this means that our account has reached the limit of available data traffic. The files will still be accessible and available for download, but you will have to close any advertising pop-ups.
4. Mega links have a bandwidth limitation of 5GB per user. To bypass this problem you can use a VPN.

If you still have doubts or want to ask a question, you can find us on our Discord server.
Don't forget that you can also report any bugs
you may encounter directly to us!

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