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Start plaYinG without problems!

Here we are more than 20 years later, and Rockstar still hasn't given its games the update they deserve, and some games haven't been ported on PC at all. Here you can download all the updates for your favorite games,
as well as some projects that were never released on the PC.

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DoWnloaD SEction

Grand Theft Auto III: Definitive Edition

[III] Misty - Gold v2.png

​Fixes porting errors, bugs in the game and crashes on Windows 10. Adds support for widescreens, 60 FPS and gamepads. Introduces AI upscaled videos, textures and some elements straight from the PS2, Xbox and mobile platforms.

Remastered Intro


Our first home made mod!
Relive one of the most nostalgic GTA intros ever, now remastered in
Full HD, 2K and 4K 60fps! Along with the standard PC intro, we included the beloved PlayStation 2 version now for a true original experience!

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