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By installing the Definitive Edition patch you are breaking the Rockstar end user license agreement and when contacting their support, they may refuse due to the EULA violation. In accordance with the GNU GPL license(s), as the authors of this guide, we have a right to non-commercial distribution and modification as long as no changes are made to the original source. We are not the authors of all the following modifications, and therefore any error/crash/bugs should be directed to the developers themselves.

User's Guide


[07.02.2021] Bully: Definitive Edition <UPD 4>
The patch has been updated and the following changes have been made:

• The gamepad buttons have been fixed. They are now displayed in the correct colors;
• SilentPatchBully.ini has been modified to work at 30 FPSlimit. You can still use 60 FPSlimit, but to do this, you will need to read the instructions in the "FAQ"section.

Do not forget that the update should only be installed on a clean game. There may be problems with saves in the form of various bugs. Recommend starting a new game!


Installing the Definitive Edition Patch is very simple: you just have to unzip the archive to the Steam folder were you installed the game. Make sure you install the patch on a fresh installed copy!


Before starting the game for the first time, it is highly recommended to install the following libraries in order to avoid crashes and other problems.



Faced with a certain problem, or just want to know as much information as possible before starting the game? Answers to frequently asked questions are published below:

1. Game logos and Steam Overlay at the beginning of the game may not work.

2. The graphics settings in the game should look like this:

Bully: Definitive Edition

3. If you want to change the FPS (this may cause some bugs and make story missions unavailable), you can change the following values in the SilentPatchBully.ini file:

4. If you are experiencing problems running the game, try setting compatibility with Windows XP in the properties of the executable file.

5. You can enable anisotropic filtering and vsync for smoother gaming and detailed graphics in your graphics card settings.

If you still have doubts or want to ask a question, you can find us on our Discord server.
Don't forget that you can also report any bugs you may encounter directly to us!

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