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About us

We are a group of modders, artists and fans of Rockstar Games from all around the world, gathered under one project called "Definitive Edition". Our goal is to fix and improve the old and buggy PC ports of Rockstar's titles and to do that we work as a team thanks to that amazing thing called internet! :3

Our patches are created by combining mods created by the community and by us, to bring a unique package that can offer an experience as faithful as possible to the original game but with various technical and graphical improvements. The patches are also constantly updated with new mods and updates in order to stay relevant and up to date. 

we are looking for new talents

We are looking for skilled and talented people to help us with our work! If you have any experience with graphic design, video editing or mod creation, contact us on our Discord server, social media pages or at:

collaborations and work requests

We are always open to new experiences! For collaboration and working requests contact us at:

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