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about the proJecT

The Definitive Edition is an ambitious project that aims to fix and improve the old and buggy PC ports of Rockstar's titles. The project was started in 2016 and consisted of a modpack for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City called «Reborn». Many years have passed since then and many things have changed, the project has grown; involving other titles and franchises, and our development team has expanded with new talents. Today the project is still in development and we are far from being done, but we are releasing constant updates on our website and social media pages so make sure to follow us to see the latest news!

If you like our work and want to help us, visit the "Community" page to join our community on Discord.



Latest project news. Now you can follow all the events from this feed.

GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition


Created a brand new patch for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition.

GTA3 Intro Remake (WIP)


Today we'd like to share with you our fan-made Grand Theft Auto 3 intro remaster and keep our fan-base updated with the work that has been done so far with the unofficial "Definitive Edition Patch", currently under update for the original Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy game.

Discord Server Open to Public

We would like to inform our fans that our Discord server is open to public again: https://discord.gg/A9JtdtmP5Y
Join our server to meet fans like you and interact with a large and welcoming community, ask for support/help with your patch and stay updated on the latest news regarding our project!